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Puppies are cute.. But that stage does not last long.. Also sadly many dogs are not bred/purchased by responsible parties.. This
results in several very nice dogs in need of quality homes.
We support rescue, as not every dog is born with the safety net we provide..
SO.. In your Aussie search consider rescue!

Aussie and Aussie mixes available for adoption
ARPH of New England http://www.arphinc.com/

New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue inc. http://www.ns4ar.org/o

We put a lot of time effort,expense and consideration into our dogs we live with and litters we may produce.
I also take time to keep this website up to date!
So far the puppies have been getting individual handling,  cuddles, kisses,  early neurological stimulation (
superdog program)  At almost 4 weeks the pups have been started
on some first foods,  introduced to toys, and lots of environmental sights and smells. In addition to daily sounds of the home, we also play and expose our puppies to a sound
CD that includes, truck, gunshots, fireworks, other barking dogs, crying babies and more!  Moving day is at 4 weeks when they move from a more private (whelping area)  in
our home to the main living area of the home  a larger area with a sleeping area, play  area with tunnels, obstacles and objects, and devoted potty area. At this time they also
have more interaction with our other dogs,  will begin more formal training on basics of sit for attention, come and eye contact.
Looking for a puppy on a different time line?
Did you know New England and the east coast has a HUGE active Aussie community??
Lots of ethical honest breeders who yes, raise there dogs as companions first, health test (Hips, Eyes MDR1 Etc), screen homes and
help select the best puppy that is a FIT for you! They offer lifetime support and YES offer exceptional companion puppies!   

How about checking out these links before hitting some of the puppy find type sites?

For a list of other Breeders in the New England area

Australian shepherd club of New England

The Australian shepherd club of America ASCA
United states Australian shepherd association
Born 1/01/2015
Muddyfeet Back 2 Basics STDd "Simple"
Double A Bentleys Edge "Bentley"  
ASCA registered, Low inbreeding..COI 2.5%  Hip screened and annual eye exams (CERF) on sire and dam. Both
parents are MDR1 NN and PRA Normal non carrier so pups are clear for both.. Simple also is CLEAR of the HSF4
cataracts mutation, CEA clear non carrier.  DNA-VP Eligible.  We have both docked and full tails on this litter.
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Expected personality and temperament.
This litter was bred to be versatile.  Very active, smart, want to be with their person and family and
do things litter..  Training (yes formal training) is a MUST!    
Across the board this litter is very energetic, problem solving and at a very oral stage anything is a
tug or chew toy..    
There is 10 puppies in this litter- 8 Boys, 2 Females.
Keep in mind we breed to ALSO get a puppy for ourselves..

Thanks for all the interest. Most of this litter is
spoken for at the moment with pending Reservations.
We Have a very nice female Performance potential
puppy available, and may have a nice companion
prospect Male puppy.  

Almost 4 week Video!
Week Six Video!
Black Tri Males
Red Tri Males
Red Merle Males
Red Merle female                                                                                Blue Merle female
Red Merle Male - Full Tail
Very active, very smart.. Always
underfoot and getting into trouble.  
Has a lot of work ethic, along with
does not give up easily..
As such he would be suited for
perhaps a more performance minded
home, vs a companion home.   He
may need a outlet  to put that energy to

Performance potential
 Pam B
Black tri Male - Docked tail
Very good eye contact, moderate level of food and toy drive,
wants to be with you but also happy to amuse himself.   
Has lots of energy.. Always watching. He has a sweet soft
personality at times wants to please, but a sassy nature at

Companion prospect.

Black tri Male - Docked Tail
In a litter of no slackers he is in the middle..  Takes
a lot in stride very confident..    Good companion
prospect for a active family.

RESERVED Rob & Samantha
Black Tri Male - Full tail

Confident bold, problem
solver.. Just is the pup that  is
always under foot..  Smaller in
size, but not in personality.  
Does have a Overbite that
excludes him from our picks..
He has a lot of potential to
make a really solid
Performance prospect from
tons of food drive, toy and tug
drive and carries items around
a lot.    But also not a so over
the top that he may not be a
bad puppy  in the companion
department either.
Tail is always in motion!

Red Tri Male - Docked tail
Sweet, happy..   Loves his
toys, amuses himself
without constant in your
face 24/7.
Not bothered by much, likes
to cuddle too.
Because of his more laied
back nature then some of
the others,  He has good
potential to be a happy
companion prospect vs
needing a more serious
competition type home.

Kim A
Red Tri Male - Docked tail
Higher energy puppy.. Very
oral and always on the move
and in trouble..  Lovely
structure and movement.

e could be the right puppy
in a active companion home
or may make a nice
performance potential

Red Tri Male - Full Tail
sweet personality, happy and confident but
among the pups who are not in your face
24/7  amuses himself and not demanding of
constant attention.  However is not a aloof
puppy, just happy for quality time vs quantity.  
As such will make a nice companion
RESERVED- Staying here for further
Red Merle Male - Docked Tail
This big, handsome fella is the most
laid back of the bunch..   Pretty much
been that way from day one..    Not
much bothers him..  Takes a lot in
stride, watches calmly then acts..
Quiet happy to pass out at your feet..  
Has the potential to be a good
companion and buddy to the right

Marie & Bill
Red Merle Female - Full Tail
One of the more quiet of the pups early on, has really
come into herself as she has grown..    Of the two girls
and the litter she is at this time a GOOD all around
companion prospect not as high energy as her
littermates..       Not as busy and just a nice happy pup
with a happy tail.. She loves her toys, loves to explore
and good amount of problem solving behavior.  

Blue Merle Female Full tail
From the day she got her voice, she was a
very demanding  puppy.. Although she has
become far more quite..  She still is a very
energetic in your face clever pup.   Loves
food, loves toys.. Loves tug..    
This puppy really needs a home with the
time, energy and interest in putting her to
work.    She has a good amount of work ethic
but also from a early age has been trying to
use her cute face as a easy out..

Performance potential..
RESERVED Staying here,  may be available
to a serious performance home