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Puppies are cute.. But that stage does not last long.. Also sadly many dogs are not bred/purchased by responsible parties.. This
results in several very nice dogs in need of quality homes.
We support rescue, as not every dog is born with the safety net we provide..
SO.. In your Aussie search consider rescue!

Aussie and Aussie mixes available for adoption
ARPH of New England http://www.arphinc.com/

New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue inc. http://www.ns4ar.org/o
Breeding a litter takes a huge commitment in time. We breed specifically for a dog for ourselves, and to further our goals, not just to have puppies to sell.

We are not planning any litters right now, sorry..  Instead will be focusing getting some training done on the youngsters, and getting out to more trials/shows
this summer..

-Litters Elsewhere-

Alex Has Sired a lovely litter With Fly born April 11, 2014
2 BTM, 2 RTM, 1 BTB

ASCA/AKC Ch Muddyfeet All or Nothing CD RA STDs CGC CGN TDI "Alex"
CKC/ASCA/AKC GCh Maine-ly's Take it to the Limit "Fly"
These puppies should be clean moving, intelligent, and have phenomenal temperaments!

Contact Laura A. Liebenow at  
http://www.headstrongaussies.com/index.html  Greenfield MA

For a list of other Breeders in the New England area

All dogs  are placed only into responsible homes willing to agree to our terms about altering, care and training.  We expect homes to do some research,  are planning ahead, and willing to fully
understand the pro and con of adding a very active intelligent breed of dog into their lives.  Owning a Aussie does take a home with the ability to commit to the time and quality interaction and
guidance.  Some dogs and Aussies, are  NOT suited to a standard or all  "pet" type homes.   Generally speaking our dogs, and many Aussies  require a quite active home,  even if the dog will be
enjoyed specifically as a companion not shown..  

We expect and require homes willing to agree to these terms. NO  exceptions.